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Agaro Duromina

Duromina is a sweet and fruited cup. The fragrance from the dry grounds has peach and mandarin orange scents, and a mild-honey sweetness. Adding the hot water, the ‘honey’ aspect builds into strong, clover-honey smell, with a floral caramel and nougat-like aroma on the break. The cup flavors echo the aromatics in multi-layered fruit tones, honeysuckle floral hints, and honey-to-cane juice sweetness. The body is thick and full, complimenting the cleanly disappearing sweetness and fruit jam flavors; the acidity is moderate compared to other wet-process Ethiopias.

Duromina is in the Goma region of Agaro Woreda, with farm altitudes between 1900 to 2100 meters.

Tulu Golla

This bean has floral notes of jasmine and honeysuckle, with sweetness similar to table sugar or simple syrup, shifting to a more honey fragrance as it cools off. The flavor is clean and on the more delicate side, which is why we always keep this one at a medium roast at most.

It is grown in the remote village of Tulu Golla in the Sidama zone of Ethiopia, the farms are found at around 6,300 feet in elevation.

Tulu Golla is a wet process bean, where a disc pulper is used to remove the coffee cherry fruit skins, followed by a 72-hour underwater fermentation bath and agitation, finished in a clean water bath and then dried in raised beds in the sun.

Hana Asrat Tilhun

This bean has a sweetness to it similar to a cooked brown sugar. The flavor is clean, offering floral notes lilac and jasmine with a clear fruity profile of lemon and grape, and even blueberry can be detected by discerning palates. Its sophisticated and delicate notes mean it is ideal for light to medium roast.

Grown up in the mountains of Ethiopia, in an area called Shakisso, the farms can be found as high as 7,000 feet in elevation in the Uraga Word region of the Ethiopian highlands.

Hana Asrat is a wet process bean. A traditional disc pulper is used to remove the coffee cherry fruit skins, followed by a multi-day underwater fermentation bath and agitation, finished in a clean water bath and then dried in raised beds in the sun, where they are turned over and over to facilitate even drying across the bean.


Our only natural process coffee bean, this one is grown in Ethiopia’s Guji Zone. As exaggerated as it may sound, our chief roaster calls Cheri “strawberry quik”, in a nod to its very fruity and unique flavor profile. The natural process nature of it gives it a much fruitier sweetness, very distinct from the other beans we currently offer. The Cheri isn’t intended to be drowned in cream and sugar, it is absolutely meant to be enjoyed in a pure form, as a pour over or even espresso. Its as far from a dark roasted bean you’d find in a large coffee chain as possible.

The bean are grown in the Hagermaryam ward part of Ethiopia’s Guji Zone, at an elevation of 6,000 feet. There are roughly 700 different farmers who supply beans to the Cheri processing station.

Cheri beans spend 21-24 days on raised drying beds, and spend no time being bathed in water to remove the cherry fruit from the bean. Thus giving Cheri its distinct fruitier flavor.

Wolichi Wachu Station

This Ethiopian bean is a Bourbon varietal, more often found in South America, and one of many that derive from the most common Arabica species. It is known for its sweetness characteristics. Its flavor can range widely from bitter and lemony when light roasted, to sweeter at a medium-roast, where we roast it. It is much trickier to dark roast the Bourbon varietal, but since we don’t dark roast anything, it isn’t a concern for us.

Wolichu Wachu is grown in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia at over 7,000 feet in elevation.


Kenya Nyeri Ichamama AB

This gem of a bean comes from Kenya’s highlands. It has some mild citrus flavors with notes orange and lemon and cane sugar, and with a notable citrus acidity, though not bitter in any way. The flavor becomes even fruitier as it cools off, best described as a subtle cranberry and orange melange.

The beans are grown in mountains just above 6,000 feet, near the Ichimama River, in Nyeri, Kenya. The Ichamama processing station is one of 19 different washing stations in the area, and is part of a Co-Op that has been in existence for over 50 years.

Nyeri Ichamama is a wet process bean, dried in raised beds in the sun.

Kenya Nyeri Ichuga AA

Kenya Nyeri Ichuga AA  is a complex coffee that bounds between citrus notes to sugar sweetness to cranberry and spice. Dark fruits can be found in the finish.


Colombia La Plata – Alto San Francisco

The Colombia La Plata – Alto San Francisco coffee beautifully holds the roasted caramel and toffee sweetness from aroma to finish. This is a coffee that purely reminds you that life is so very good.


Guatemala Finca El Rincon

This coffee comes from El Mirador Finca El Rincon in La Libertad, Huehuehtenango, which is managed by the Molina family. The coffee is grown between 1,550 and 1,700 meters above sea level, and the varietals include Bourbon and Caturra.

The coffee has a grade of SHB and provides a pleasant balance of chocolate and berry fruits with an enjoyable sweetness.


La Gloria

The flavor of our only Panamanian roast has notes of chocolate and toffee with a creamy, full body.  La Gloria is a “Baru Indian High” estate coffee grown in the Boquete region of Panama, located as much as 6,000 feet above sea level. The estates where it is grown contains volcanic soil, with moderate temperatures and nearly 10 feet of rainfall per year.

The coffee is wet processed and dried by the sun; temperatures range from 64F to 80F degrees and in the summer humidity is between 40 and 60 percent. The final drying process is done on drying machines to maintain homogeneity, with maximum temperatures of 50 degrees.

Each of the estates that is managed by Baru Indian High has a unique microclimate that produces incredibly varied flavor profiles. The area near the estate has a wide variety of flora and wildlife, and four natural springs either originate or run across the estate, which help make the soil rich and well balanced.


Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires Caturra

The Buenos Aires Caturra coffee bean is a “crowd pleaser” that provides a balanced cup with a clean mouth feel. This coffee has a medium roast level, with finish of Dutch cocoa powder, nut, and dried apple flavors.