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Our only natural process coffee bean, this one is grown in Ethiopia’s Guji Zone. As exaggerated as it may sound, our chief roaster calls Cheri “strawberry quik”, in a nod to its very fruity and unique flavor profile. The natural process nature of it gives it a much fruitier sweetness, very distinct from the other beans we currently offer. The Cheri isn’t intended to be drowned in cream and sugar, it is absolutely meant to be enjoyed in a pure form, as a pour over or even espresso. Its as far from a dark roasted bean you’d find in a large coffee chain as possible.

The bean are grown in the Hagermaryam ward part of Ethiopia’s Guji Zone, at an elevation of 6,000 feet. There are roughly 700 different farmers who supply beans to the Cheri processing station.

Cheri beans spend 21-24 days on raised drying beds, and spend no time being bathed in water to remove the cherry fruit from the bean. Thus giving Cheri its distinct fruitier flavor.

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Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Uraga

Label: Cheri

Subregion: N/A



Growing Altitude:

Varietal: Heirloom

Tasting Notes:


2 reviews for Cheri

  1. Eric Ramos (verified owner)

    Before I get to the coffee review I wanted to applaud the customer service I received through the facebook messenger. To the person that responds you are worth you weight in gold. Sweet, knowledgable and professional. Very personable. Now the coffee review. The coffee was professionally packaged with lots of visual appeal to those coffee shops looking for someone to partner with to sell whole bean. The roast was very consistent, No drum scorches etc. The coffee itself is a high quality green bean that was well sorted. No dead, bitter beans in the bags I looked through. Taste was right on point. Not overly roasted but well developed. Acidity was perfect. Good strong fruity flavor with a nice backbone to balance out the cup. I was overall very please with the “total” package split rail coffee company.

  2. jeff (verified owner)

    I just received the cheri. definately a winner. i really like what the natural process can add to the flavor of the espresso. hope split rail will carry more naturals

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