Colombia Frutas Caturra

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This little gem produces a dynamic marriage of tart and sweet flavors. The balance between the citrus notes of lime and raspberry matched with the sweetness of the Huila cherries and plum creates a bright light roast that is sure to jumpstart your day.

The Excelso Ep grade beans are grown in Huila, in an area of southern Colombia, averaging 5,500 feet in elevation that is spanned by the Andes mountains and home to the Nevado del Huila Volcano.

The Frutas Caturra coffee cherry is double fermented and triple washed, then dried in the sun for about 2 weeks.

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3 reviews for Colombia Frutas Caturra

  1. Arpan Bhakta

    Was never a fan of Columbian coffee until I tried this one. Love this coffee, it’s unlike any other Colombian coffee I’ve ever had. I’m not good at describing flavor profiles but the description by the roaster hits it perfectly!!

  2. brent

    Tried about 5 split rail coffee’s so far. I usually go for more “classic” flavor notes in my coffee (chocolate, nuts, caramel, sugar) and this coffee has been my favorite out of the 5. very interesting flavors from start to finish. give this a try!

  3. Kevin

    I’ve never been a fan of Columbian coffee, but this one made me a believer!

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