Ethiopia Deri Kochoha

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This beautiful gem is sweet w/ notes of melon and berry with a subtle honey accent, balanced by a mild burst of floral lavender. It has a long, smooth sweet finish. It’s a truly enjoyable, delightful roast that our team has already fallen in love with.

This bean comes from the town of Hagere Maryam in the Guji Zone, within the greater Oromia region of Ethiopia, south of the more famous Yirgacheffe District, and grown at elevations of between 5,400-6,000 feet. With approximately 600 contributing farmers, this coffee is a collaborative effort to harvest.

The Ethiopia Deri Kochoha is a natural processed bean. The ripe cherries are sorted and pulped, and then fermented for 36-48 hours, before being washed and prepared for drying. They are then placed in parchment on raised drying beds, where they dry in the sun for a couple of weeks, being turned frequently in the first few days.

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5 lb BAG, 12 OZ BAG

1 review for Ethiopia Deri Kochoha

  1. jnester22079 (verified owner)

    great tasting natural processed bean. took me a few times to dial in but this bean did not give typical sour of light roasts at lower ratios. 15G in 30G out at 200F in 30 seconds. tasted better to me as a typical espresso than a lungo as some light roasts require.

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