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Juicy and fruity, but no pronounced lemon citrus as many other Ethiopians have. Watermelon and raspberry burst into your mouth, with subtle notes of strawberry, fig and yellow plum. The sweetness overall is as expected with an Ethiopian natural process, but also complex and rewarding to its purchaser. Feels like a cousin of our Kayon Mountain we featured earlier this year, though without the noted dark chocolate notes.

The Aramo station was was founded in 2005 by Asnakech Thomas, the first Ethiopian female coffee producer, miller and direct exporter. Part of her mission has been to improve the lives of the Amaro people, with a particular focus on women and girls in the area. The company also invests in training and replanting programs for all. This bean comes from the village of Aramo, another Yirgacheffe highland product within the Sidamo region, and grown at elevations of between 5,400-6,000 feet. A small army of approximately 800 farmers help to select and harvest this brown bounty.

These natural processed beans are dried in raised beds for 4-6 weeks. The beds provide an even aeration, in which dry air can reach the beans from both above and below. When ready, they are hulled and bagged for export.


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1 review for Ethiopian Aramo Station – Natural

  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    Quality of these beans great. Medium Roast does well for flavor. For those who enjoy natural processed been i recommend this bean. Ive been extracting as espresso. 198F. 15 seconds pre-infusion. Start at 6 bar till portafilter saturates at bottom. Reduce to 2 bar for 15 seconds preinfusion. Dose in 15g. Out 35g. I highly recommend this bean.

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