Finca el Tambor – Washed

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This washed process bean is flavorful and rich, with a lower citrus profile, as is typical w/ most grown in Central and South America. Featuring distinct flavor notes of creamy dark chocolate, cherry, plum and even a hint of cola, balanced by more subtle mango and apple that come through as the coffee cools.

The beans originate from the Finca el Tambor farm in the Palencia municipality of Guatemala, featuring 8 full time workers who are allowed to farm about 10% of the farm to grow vegetables for themselves. The name translates to “The Drum Farm”, inspired by an underground waterfall that once pulsed the land with a drumming sound. Interestingly, the owner, Victor Calderon, a fifth generation coffee grower, is a big proponent of sustainable growing methods. He has chosen to leave half of the farm under forest, has his team weed mechanically rather than use pesticides, and uses smaller scale machines to process the beans, resulting in very low energy consumption, less than 10 gallons of diesel for an entire harvest season. The farm also captures some of the 50 inches of rain water that falls during the rainy season and later uses it to process the beans in addition to the two dozen fresh water springs that run through the 5,000+ foot altitude property. The farm also uses a unique method of employing shade trees from avocado and cinnamon to help protect the coffee trees.

The beans from the various parts of the farm are kept separate and processed separately, then washed in the retained rainwater, de-pulped, and then dried and turned frequently on concrete patios. The varietals include Bourbon and Caturra.

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1 review for Finca el Tambor – Washed

  1. Apple5

    Reminds me of an Indonesian coffee. Has a nice earthiness. Getting that cola and cherry flavor for sure with a subtle milk chocolate on the finish.

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