Hana Asrat Tilhun

This bean has a sweetness to it similar to a cooked brown sugar. The flavor is clean, offering floral notes lilac and jasmine with a clear fruity profile of lemon and grape, and even blueberry can be detected by discerning palates. Its sophisticated and delicate notes mean it is ideal for light to medium roast.

Grown up in the mountains of Ethiopia, in an area called Shakisso, the farms can be found as high as 7,000 feet in elevation in the Uraga Word region of the Ethiopian highlands.

Hana Asrat is a wet process bean. A traditional disc pulper is used to remove the coffee cherry fruit skins, followed by a multi-day underwater fermentation bath and agitation, finished in a clean water bath and then dried in raised beds in the sun, where they are turned over and over to facilitate even drying across the bean.

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Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Uraga

Label: Hana Asrat Tilhun

Subregion: N/A



Growing Altitude:

Varietal: Heirloom

Tasting Notes:



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