Kenya Nyeri Ichuga AA

The Kenya Nyeri Ichuga AA is a very floral bean that produces a strong tropical fragrance consisting of honeysuckle and hibiscus notes. The beautiful aroma is followed by flavors of citrus and sweet lemon to create a satisfying fresh finish to this medium roast. 

The beans are produced in the Ichuga Coffee Factory, located in Nyeri County, in the direction of Mount Kenya, owned by the Kiama Farmer Cooperative society. Farmers deliver their cherries to the factory for the washing, drying and bagging of the stunning beans.

Cherries are sorted, crushed, fermented, washed, and soaked before being laid out to dry in the sun. Once the cherries are ready, the coffee is milled and prepared for export in the Nairobi warehouse.

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Origin: Kenya

Region: Ichuga

Label: Ichuga AA

Subregion: N/A

Producer/Coop: Kiama Farmer’s Cooperative

Processing: Wet Processed

Growing Altitude: N/A

Varietal: SL-28 SL-34

Tasting Notes: Spice, Cranberry

Ichuga is part of the Kiama Farmer’s Cooperative Society Limited (FCS), one of the few washing stations that form the Coop group.  The Kiama Coop is known for high quality coffees and the coffee was purchased directly (as opposed to auction) at a higher cost to ensure that this specific coffee was acquired.  This is a complex coffee that bounds between citrus notes to sugar sweetness to cranberry and spice.  Dark fruits can be found in the finish.  This is a fantastic coffee, but it has a lot going on.  Not my wake up coffee, but my coffee for starting heavy mental lifting.


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