Maui Mokka

The Maui Mokka bean is unique, and noticeably smaller than most, but its flavor is tremendous. This coffee is not to be confused with any chocolate flavored drink that uses a similar name, the word mokka is derived from the ancient port of Mokha in Yemen, the country where the original variety was cultivated many years ago. The rich, full bodied cup provides undertones notes of candied citrus, nuts, rose and brown sugar matched with a wide range of dark chocolate flavor. This is a medium roast that is slightly acidic and finishes with a crisp smoothness.

The Maui Mokka beans were revived just a few decades ago in the 1980s in the Ka-anapali Plantation in Maui, one of the few places in the world where Maui Mokka is grown. The farms are located in the mountain slopes of western Maui, an ideal climate for the beans to thrive.

Since the coffee beans are dry processed, left in the fruit to dry in the sun, and then hulled, they produce an exotic character which gives each bean a stronger and spicier flavor. They cost a little more and we believe are well worth it.

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Origin: Maui Mokka

Region: Ka’anapali

Producer/Coop: Maui Grown Coffee

Processing: Wet

Varietal: Mokka

Tasting Notes: Range of Chocolate, Medium Acidity



First, I have to say it…this is a coffee grown in the USA!  MauiGrown Coffee Company has done an excellent job producing several varietals on their 500 acres near the town of Lahaina on Maui.


The Mokka varietal is the specialty of the MauiGrown Coffee.  I have visited the MauiGrown general store many times, but it was not until the SCAA conference in Atlanta, that I had the privilege of meeting Maui Coffee Kimo Falconer.  The Maui Mokka coffee bean is small, but its flavor is tremendous and reminds you have the best things of Hawaii.


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