Mexico Huatusco – Washed

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A Mexican roast that fits our roaster’s high standards finally found its way to our facility, and this one is absolutely fantastic. It has perfect balance, with a pronounced milk chocolate introduction, followed by notes of brown sugar, vanilla, cherry, and a little wink of citrus, with a lovely creamy finish. A washed process bean, we medium roast it to bring out the truly full bodied flavor it offers.

Grown in the central sierra mountains of Veracruz, Mexico, the town of Huatusco is in the relatively high mountains, at about 4,200 feet elevation. The workers tend to speak indigenous languages, not Spanish, and therefore have been growing crops a long time, and know how to get the most out of this land. They definitely achieved that goal with these coffee beans.

The Huatusco beans have a unique process used to de-pulp the coffee cherries, adding rehydrated yeast and mucilage as part of the 48 hour fermentation process, leading to a sweeter, fruitier bean than most washed process coffee beans.

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2 reviews for Mexico Huatusco – Washed

  1. jnester22079

    Just tried this one today as V60. beans were very freshly roasted as i noticed from bloom. that is a must for me. i thought i could detect a few of the notes milk chocolate, brown sugar, vanilla, cherry. though i did not notice a citrus. i’m not a expert in cupping but i try to see if i notice what notes are mentioned. my wife liked the taste as V60. i recommend you try a bag if those notes are to your liking.
    my first attempt
    18g dose
    300g final weight
    200° water
    30 sec bloom (50g of water)
    two brew pours of 125g each.
    setting 55 on Turin grinder

  2. Apple5

    Almost too clean for my liking. But still a fine cup of coffee. As it cools, I got a slight hint of some brown sugar and apple. But so clean it doesn’t stand out to me. Good for someone who wants a simple clean coffee.

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