Peru El Palto – Honey Process

This unique honey process bean provides a clean balanced flavor of sweet yet tart subtle flavors. Almost in between a Natural and Wet process bean, the honey process gives a light caramel and toffee pair to match the stronger flavors of apricot, lemon, white grape, pear, and yellow plum. The fruity notes perfectly balance the honey coating in your mouth to leave a refreshing aftertaste.

The coffee comes from the El Palto Cooperative farms located in the Utcubamba province – one of the seven provinces of the Amazonas Region of Peru, averaging 5,600 feet in elevation.

Honey process is a relatively new method that combines elements of a dry processed bean and a washed bean to create matchless differentiations in flavor. In this process, the skin of the bean is removed, like a dry process, but the sticky, sugary layer beneath is left on the seed to dry, to leave a variety of deeper flavors.

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