Rumibamba – Organic – Washed


Our second offering from Peru, this one is an Organic bean, with a flavor profile of a classic South American roast, the one your mom and dad would have loved if third wave coffee existed back then. A mix of dark and milk chocolate, and caramelized sugar, are the clear flavor profiles with this Andes Mountain roast. There is nice secondary flavor of Turkish fig and Medjool dates, which makes for a nice balanced, if not mellow finish. If you aren’t quite ready for the bright, citrus flavors from Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda, this is the one to start with, especially if you take your mornings a little slow and easy.

These organic beans are grown in the Department of Cajamarca, located in the northwest of the country, in a town called San Ignacio. Cajamarca’s tradition of producing coffee beans dates to the 18th century, when coffee was first brought to the area to be grown. Located at between 4,500 to 5,100 feet in elevation, the town is charmingly known as the “land of coffee, honey and natural forests”. Interestingly, the town is located at nearly the identical distance from the equator as Ethiopian and Colombian coffee, albeit on the southern side of the divide.

Rumibamba is a washed process bean. The ripest cherries are selected by the over 2,400, typically small co-operative farmer/members of CENFRO. The small scale nature of most of the farmers results in manual de-pulping, home-built dryers and roadside parchment drying beds throughout the region of plantations.

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