Tega Tula – Natural

This is our second coffee from the famed Limmu district in Ethiopia, the same location as our Burka Gudina. A mix of dark and milk chocolate notes lead the way, with hints of fig, tangerine, and even a little browned butter like flavor at the finish. Like several of our recent roasts, it is also certified organic, and carries the top rating of Grade 1.

This bean comes from the villages of Tega & Tula, in the Keffa zone, considered to be the ground zero of the birthplace of Arabica coffee. The land encompasses both the typically hilly terrain and well as flat areas, with a natural water source running through it, helpful in processing coffee near where it is harvested. These coffee beans are grown at 6,000-6,200 feet, up in the Ethiopian highlands.

Like most of the farms where our beans come from, these natural process beans are dried on raised beds, in the sun, before processing. After drying, the fruity mucilage is scrubbed off, but they still leave behind some of the dried cherry, the latter being a key component to the sweet, rich flavor of natural process coffees such as this one.

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