Hawaiian Yellow Caturra is a single origin, small batch coffee that is velvety and spicy

Yellow Caturra

The distinctive bright yellow color of the Caturra coffee bean, derived from yellow cherries, provides a velvety, honey-wheat and fig jam flavor combined with spicy undertones of cinnamon, allspice, and licorice that is unmatched. The slight acidity and wine like zest of this medium-roast are cooled off by the clean fruitier aspects to create a smooth finish.

Yellow Caturra is one of Maui’s best beans and are grown on the Ka’anapali Estate in the West Maui highlands, a 500-acre estate which was formerly used as a private project using coffee to diversify Maui’s sugar plantations. The owners have performed a number of extensive field trials over the years, on nutrient rich volcanic ash to produce the highest quality and gourmet beans.

One of Maui’s processing techniques involved handpicking ripe cherries, pulping them, then sun drying them to produce their unique flavors.

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Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Uraga

Label: Yellow Caturra

Subregion: N/A



Growing Altitude:

Varietal: Heirloom

Tasting Notes:



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