Yirgacheffe Ajere

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This bean provides intense flavors of tropical fruit followed by a delicate floral aroma. Bold passionfruit notes are transformed into lingering pineapple and lemonade flavors. This beautifully refined cup is characterized by strong citric acidity and sweet herbal notes of lavender, jasmine, bergamot and hops and is kept as a medium roast.

This bean comes from the village of Edido, in the Aricha sub-region of the Yirgacheffe District of Ethiopia. The fertile soil, consistent and plentiful rains and high altitudes of 6,200-7,200 feet contribute to the high status of Yirgacheffe coffees.

The Yirgacheffe is a fully washed bean,  with ripe cherries that are fermented for 36-48 hours then sun dried on African beds for up to two weeks. The beans are covered between 12pm and 3pm and at night time, to protect them from the sun and rainfall/moisture.

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2 reviews for Yirgacheffe Ajere

  1. jnester22079 (verified owner)

    this bean is very full of tropical flavors as espresso. had to use a higher temp near 209F and higher ratio like 1:3 low bar 7.5. can also enjoy as americano.

  2. Olga

    Beautiful flavor – citrus forward, elegant acidity. One of my favorite beans for Aeropress.

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