Yirgacheffe Halo Beriti – Washed

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This elegant Ethiopian bean offers complex yet silky flavors of black tea. The taste of peach, sweet sugar plum, honeysuckle and chocolate pair nicely with light floral aromas of lavender, ending with a delicate, pleasing, acidic punch. The soft flavors of this bean make it best served as a medium roast.

The farm collectives are located in Halo Beriti Woreda, in the Gedeb District region of Ethiopia, averaging about 6,500 feet above sea level.

The beans are hand picked, wet-processed and fermented for three days before being separated from the fruit. This process allows the beans to absorb the sugars in the coffee fruit, creating a stronger full-body flavor.

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1 review for Yirgacheffe Halo Beriti – Washed

  1. Apple5

    Earthy with a really nice peach tea finish. The acidic punch cuts through the earthiness just right with a citrusy flavor that sits on the tongue just right. Really nice Ethiopian.

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